Just after Bangladesh earned independence, a group of committed professionals of the newly born nation came together to set off a venture that would strive to build a better Bangladesh. Together, they achieved the perfect harmony of wisdom, new ideas and integrity. Today the name ABC is synonymous to quality and reliance in the sector of construction & real estate all around Bangladesh.

On principle, ABC believes in quality, not quantity. Selective operations backed up by a strong foundation and earnest commitment has indeed allowed ABC to always offer only the very best to its valued clientele. The biggest corporate & industrial businesses and eminent institutions of Bangladesh have been trusting ABC for decades for their construction needs, counting on their steadfast commitment to quality, efficiency and ethics.

We at ABC guarantee you a safe structure, functionality-oriented architecture, superior technical standard, transparency & authenticity of legal & financial transactions and on-dot timeliness. We make you comfortable and a part of ABC family through our warm, supportive & personalized customer service. The outstanding leadership of ABC Management assures the credibility of our operations and excellent quality of our products.


The Ispahanis have been involved in business in South Asia since 1820. The Ispahani Group is a pioneer in many fields and remains one of the most successful and respected business houses in Bangladesh. With corporate offices in Chittagong, Dhaka and Khulna and, through its tea, textile, jute, property, poultry and shipping divisions, the Group employs approximately 10,000 people.

It is the largest tea trading company in the country and dominates the domestic tea market, capturing approximately 50% of the national branded tea market and 80% of the branded tea-bag market. Ispahani Tea is renowned all over Bangladesh and its best selling brands such as Mirzapore Best Leaf and Mirzapore Double Chamber Tea Bags are household names. The company has an unrivalled distribution network of over 517 sales centers under 24 Divisional offices. It also owns four of the finest tea gardens in Bangladesh: Ghazipore, Mirzapore, Zareen and Neptune, all of which are equipped with state-of-the-art tea manufacturing machinery.

Corporate and Social responsibility form a large part of the Ispahani philosophy. They have always endeavoured to support and advance worthwhile causes. They have established schools and colleges in Bangladesh as well as the renowned Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital. The latter is a centre of excellence for providing modern, efficient and cost-effective eye care, including heavily subsidised rates for poor patients. Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital has been looking after the eye care needs of hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis since its inception in 1960.

Furthermore, the Group sponsors various cricket, football, golf and tennis tournaments as well as the National Cricket League.

Today, after decades of business in South Asia, the Ispahani Group is still dedicated to providing high quality goods and services as well as having a positive impact on the community at large.


Emerging in 2008, Volumezero Ltd is at a constant exercise of examining the primary and the quintessential entities of architecture. The simple beauty behind the naming is that it allows for the possibility of being able to work with the unknown which has not yet been thought of and also that which has not yet been created.

Under the tutelage of the principal, Mohammad Foyez Ullah, the design team is steered through an arduous design exercise that develops an understanding of the visual and spatial possibilities of the project alongside its functional framework. Volumezero Ltd believes in the practice of Responsive architecture which when conceived and built – chronicles the interplay between nature,culture and time, alongside the beauty that ensues through spontaneous metamorphosis into the future.

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